Sunday, March 23, 2008

amatsukaze latest report

ohno's butai report on zoom in 22-Mar-2008.
i can't breathhhhhhh!!!!
he looks so different than the 'off' ohno that i've come to know. sugeei oh-chan

watch it here

i made two!!!

wawa-chan!!! it's for youuuuuu

long long long loooongggg time ago, wawa-chan request for a sho-kun wallpaper from me!!!
sorry it took sooo long!
here's ur hubby!

arashi's not-so-latest news

the post-news

ohno's butai, amatsukaze, being performed at the aoyama theatre starting on the 21-Mar-2008.
i wanna go seeeeee......huhu....
neway, you can read simone's experience at the butai. and she met nino too!!!huaaaaa!!!!

dream-a-live cd is already on sale! expected release on the 23-Apr-2008.
Checkout the normal edition at yesasia. seems like the limited ed is all sold out!

the long awaited time concert dvd will be release on the 15-Apr-2008.
in case ur thinking of pre-ordering, check it out at yesasia

the new tbs tv show: Himitsu no Arashi-chan is going to start on the 10-Apr-2008 (or is it 11???). check out the posters at sumoboy. it's...different...^^

and another new tv show, vs arashi. not much info on this yet...

Sunday, March 16, 2008

circleinsora message

gomen-neh arashi...
me too caught up in me life (and arashi fandomming xD) dat me totally forgotten bout me arashi blog.
me having a loooong hols next week. me going to post lotta lotta lubb here ^^!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

popolo april 2008

they celeb sho's 26th birthday!!!

scan credits to wingist6

smexy aiba !!!

aiba in hula skirt o.O
the hip swaying o.O
the backflip o.O


aiba in guru guru 22/2/08
credits to pinkcakerocks